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Cape Cod Hybrid Event Planner

Things are starting to get back to the way they were, but what exactly will the "New Normal" look like?  Bringing a large group isn't as easy, or practical, as it used to be, but we can still find other ways to gather. 


Hybrid events are a mix of Live Audience, Live Streaming and Virtual.  Imagine an event where you can invite your local guests to one location, and live stream to the remaining guests across the state, region or world!   


There are so many options, and we are here to help you navigate the best one for you.  We have the resources and skills to take your live production and transform it into a hybrid production. We will design a straightforward, creative, and effective program to help you gather and engage your audience and retain a sense of community. 

What We Do
  • Hybrid Event Production 

  • Live streaming  

  • Venue research 

  • Confirm safety protocol 

  • Vendor management 

  • Broadcast Director 

  • Registration technology 

  • Communication plan 

  • Budget planning 

  • Printed materials 

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