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The New Normal

Virtual Events

There are a lot of groups out there struggling to maintain contact with their donor base, but virtual programming isn’t always the answer. Sure, it seems like it’s the logical way to go, but how can you stand out and attract new donors when your event looks like everyone else’s? Whether you’re hosting a sales meeting, a client forum, or a nonprofit gala, we have the resources and skills to take your live production and transform it into a virtual production.

New Latitude can help you adapt to the current climate of social distancing and no-contact deliveries and help to create new donor and sponsor channels to explore.

What We Do

Virtual Event Production


Live Streaming

Broadcast Director

Registration Technology

Communication Plan

Budget Planning

Printed Material

Platform Design

Audience Engagement

Manage Vendors

On-Site Management

Speaker Management

Script Writing

Show Flow Creation

Mobile App Coordination

The New Normal

Hybrid Events

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