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Cape Cod Special Event Planner

We have partnered with Chris Edwards Productions to give you the highest quality talent for your Cape Cod Event!
Unique Acts

Want to make your event stand out from the rest? We offer a variety of unique entertainment, including Cirque-style performers, party activators, living statues, magicians, fire eaters and more! Let us know what it is you are looking for or let us come up with the ideas! We can create the perfect package for your vision and your budget.

Light up the Night!

Our LED Performers are sure to be a show stopper, and will always dazzle your guests! Light up the night and get the party started with Winged dancers, hoops, LED jugglers and more! We keep the show engaging and exciting while getting your guests on their feet, ready to party!

Santa Claus 

What could be more fun than a visit from Santa at your holiday event?  We have some of the best Real Professional Santa Clauses in the world. These men are traditional holiday and Christmas entertainers that are serious about their appearance and presentation. Book an authentic Santa for your home or office Christmas party, or community event.

Cape Cod Carolers 

The Cape Cod Carolers ensure your party or event is remembered for years to come. Our professional musicians perform in traditional Victorian Era costumes to add an aire of Dickensian whimsy to any gathering.  Enjoy holiday music spanning generations and cultural divides, from traditional carols and classic Christmas songs to 20th century hits. Our Christmas carolers serve every holiday party and event!

Whydah Washashores 

Add a nautical flair to your event with the Whydah Washashores!  Revel in the tight harmonies and raucous music as they bring Pirate Shanties and Songs of the Sea to enliven any event.  

“On April 26th 1717 the Whydah Gally, Captained by the notorious pirate Black Sam Bellamy, went down off the coast of Eastham. 102 Bodies washed ashore that night. Some of those sailors were never recovered.

It said the songs of those lost long ago can still be heard on the ocean winds of Cape Cod.

Sometimes, Dead Men DO Tell Tales…”

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